Good News – Services to resume Sunday 19th July 2020

Church Services will resume at St. Mary’s Chessington from Sunday 19th July 2020.

Following the decision made by the government to allow public worship in churches to resume, and following the guidance issued by the Church of England, nationally, and that of the diocese of Guildford, the Parochial Church Council have agreed that Sunday services of Holy Communion will resume at St. Mary’s on 19th July 2020.

However, there will be several differences from the way services happened before the lockdown closures were imposed – and you are requested to note the following particularly clause No. 7:

  1. Church services will start at 10-00 a.m. each Sunday.
  2. Due to the size of our church, and to observe Social Distancing requirements, no more than 17 people will be allowed into the church at any time. This number may be increased, slightly, if people from the same household in the same “social bubble” sit adjacent to each other in a pew.
  3. The service will be a said service, i.e. there will be no hymns or any other singing (although the organ may be used to provide some music if appropriate).
  4. At the distribution of Communion, only the bread will be offered. Only the celebrant priest will be allowed the wine.
  5. There will be no physical passing of the peace and only the gospel will be read, i.e. no old or new testament reading.
  6. All those attending will be given a new order of service; these must be taken home and brought back for personal use when attending subsequent Communion services.
  7. Due to the smallness of our church, and to maintain Social Distancing, we must ask that you contact  our vicar, Rev Scott Edwards, preferably by E. Mail (address:, or by telephone (020-8397-3016), as early as possible each week to signify your intention to attend. Should there be more than the maximum number of people wishing to attend, arrangements will be made to hold a service at 8-00 a.m. in addition to the one at 10-00 a.m.; please, when contacting Scott, say in your E. Mail or telephone call whether you would be willing to attend at 8-00 a.m.
  8. Toilet facilities in St. Mary’s Centre will not be available. In the direst of emergencies, Scott has kindly made the downstairs toilet in the Vicarage available. Likewise, there will be no refreshments after services.
  9. If children attend services with their parents, it will be the responsibility of parents to ensure that they maintain Social Distancing.
  10. A record of those attending services will be kept for 21 days for “track and trace” purposes. If you feel unwell or have any symptoms of illness, please do not attend services.
  11. It will be left to the discretion of those attending services whether or not to use a face covering (If Govt guideline on this change we will let you know).