Diocese of Guildford Social Media Channel

facebooktwitterDo you ever wish you knew more about what was happening in the wider Church family beyond our parish? Or that churchgoers across the diocese knew about the life of your parish group or our church? Signing up to social media can open doors and help spread the word in a simple but effective way.

The Diocese of Guildford now has a Twitter account @CofEGuildford and a Facebook page www.facebook.com/CofEGuildford and the communications team is appealing to church members to follow and ‘like’ them.

Diocesan communications officer Emma Nutbrown said: “These social media networks have got off to a great start and, together with our website (www.cofeguildford.org.uk) allow us to underline our sense of diocesan family and reach people more quickly with our news.

“We might have a message from the Bishop, an amazing parish photo or an an event which we can help promote. Through social and digital media these can be brought to you quickly, easily and regularly.

“To make social media work though we need people to join in and share their thoughts and events – it’s a two-way process!

“Please do give it a go – social media can seem daunting or alien, but it really is remarkably easy and if you don’t find it useful you can simply pull out.

“It’s our mission to make sure people hear about the remarkable life of our Church in this diocese, so do let us know what is happening in your parish. Call, visit, or email us, or you could even share your Facebook posts or follow us on Twitter…”

Contact the communications department:
Email: editorial@cofeguildford.org.uk
Tel: 01483 790 355